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Krystal's Journey

Updated: Jun 3, 2019

A friend of mine recently posted his transformation pic and it motivated me to do mine. 

Every year for Lent, I give something up as a "sacrifice" for Jesus, tho nothing can compare to what he has sacrificed for us. (But that topic is for another post.)

This year, I gave up sweets (because we have an unhealthy relationship) and vowed to complete a food log app every day during those forty days. I've been very diligent about keeping my promise to God during this time so I thought what better way to kick off a healthy lifestyle than to start eating right and getting healthy for myself. Here is my before and after pic for my forty days of Lent.

I stuck to the no sweets. 

I logged my intake for the duration of Lent. 

I did intermittent fasting a majority of the time. 

I worked out at least once a week, sometimes twice. My trainer advised extra cardio and I did that a couple times. But it's hard to take the time for myself, I feel, but that's also for another post. 

Here is what I have learned:

I have admitted and am dealing with my unhealthy obsession with sweets--no longer do I have to have a dessert every meal. I consider myself a recovering addict (not sure if that extreme definition is necessary, but it's how I feel). 

Logging my food was a surefire way for me to observe exactly how many calories I was intaking. I made smart decisions and limited myself to ensure success. 

Had a #duh moment. Eating right and exercising actually works. As much as I didn't want to believe what research (and my highly qualified trainer) said, I have to gain self control and workout regularly to get fit. 

Here is what I am working on and have planned to research to continue progressing:

It's okay to say no to sweets. I follow an IG page called @sugaraddictionsupport that posts motivational sayings that really resonate with me. Today, my husband said "Let just get to where we want to be then we can have donuts. There will always be donuts." It is important to have motivation, whether you get it from a loved one as an accountability partner or social media with cheerful motivating posts. 

I need to continue my logging, because it works but I've been slacking. 

I'm going to continue working out, of course, but I'm planning to start a mommy workout group in our neighborhood with my trainer. I need to take some time to have #selfcare to extend the quality of my life. 

I'm going to get with my trainer (because he is an expert in everything health, as much as I hate to admit to myself) about a more detailed meal plan for myself. For example, I know the amount of calories I need a day, just now I need a breakdown of percentages (macros) and when's the best time to eat what, etc...

I feel like if I can get all this in line, I will continue to succeed in my weight loss and healthy living.  ~Krystal


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